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Frank Staggers, MD, CMA Foundation Board Chair

The CMA Foundation pursues the following goals to ensure the fulfillment of our mission:
  • Build the capacity of physicians and physician organizations to work collaboratively to improve health.
  • Create a climate that acknowledges the importance and value of physician involvement in efforts to build healthy communities.
  • Provide leadership in crucial and emerging health issues, enabling physicians to provide the best care possible to their patients.
  • Serve as a convener of varying stakeholder groups to address critical health issues.
  • Strengthen the ability of physicians to work with diverse communities.
  • Strengthen and expand education and research programs that focus on health.
CMA Foundation as Convener

CMA Foundation recognizes the impact of face-to-face communications in healthcare, and so strives to bring healthcare providers, allied health professionals, community organization leaders, health plans, policy makers, and others together with the information that they need in order to more fully understand the ever-changing needs of the healthcare environment. Special events, summits, and conferences mark successes in our history that gather leaders in healthcare and community organizations to raise awareness about emerging and important health issues. The following seminars and conferences were sponsored by the CMA Foundation:

  • Ethnic Physician Organization Summits, (2002-2006)
  • AWARE National Conference
  • Statewide Grant Writing Seminar
  • Pain Management Statewide Seminars
  • Mental Health Parity Conference
  • External Review Conference
  • Medicine and Public Health Conference
  • Bay Area Conference on Adolescent Health
  • Medical Group Insolvency Summit
  • Effective Disclosure in Managed Care Conference
  • Managed Care and the Treatment of Hypertension Seminar


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