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  • Adolescent Health Collaborative:
    AHC is a private-public partnership of over 60 organizations and agencies with the goal of mobilizing forces across the state to improve adolescent health.
  • Advancing Practice Excellence in Diabetes:
    The goal of this project is to reduce diabetes complications and health disparities through the implementation of the evidence based model of care (the Chronic or Planned Care Model) in solo and small group practices.
  • AWARE (Alliance Working for Antibiotic Resistance Education):
    Our coalition includes over 80 partners and more than 200 volunteers. The goals of the Project include: (1) Change physician and health provider behavior in prescribing antibiotics, (2) Increase consumer awareness, understanding and behavior about the appropriate use of antibiotics and (3) Mobilize communities to reduce the inappropriate use of antibiotics.
  • California Medicine and Public Health Initiative:
    The Initiative was created out of a desire to build medicine and public health collaboration throughout California in order to improve community health.
  • Cervical Cancer/HPV Project
    The CMA Foundation has initiated a project addressing the link between Human Papillomavirus [HPV] and Cervical Cancer.
  • Obesity Prevention Project:
    Our purpose is to reduce the prevalence of overweight and obesity in children and their families through education, community outreach, advocacy and provider resources.
  • Ethnic Physician Organization Project:
    Over 40 ethnic physician organizations have formed a Network with the goal of addressing: (1) health disparities, (2) diversity in the workforce, (3) access to care and (4) cultural competency at the local community and state level.
  • Medical Student Community Leadership Grant Program:
    To encourage our future physicians to engage in community health and pursue excellence in practice, the CMA Foundation provides grants to medical student organizations around the state.
  • Prescription for Wellness:
    Through regional workshops, the Foundation supports practicing physicians and their organizations who are working at the community level to improve health. We provide training and technical assistance in collaboration and partnership building for physicians.
  • Resident/Fellow and Young Physician Grant Program:
    To encourage residents and young physicians to engage in community health and pursue excellence in practice, the CMA Foundation provides grants to residents and young physicians in California.
  • Tobacco Education:
    For over a decade, the Foundation has actively worked in the community on the tobacco cessation. This site provides resources for physicians to use with their patients and in the community.
  • Women's Health Initiative:
    The purpose of the Initiative is to improve communication between physicians and their women patients, increase collaboration between physicians organizations, women’s organizations, consumer groups, and government agencies. Currently, the Initiative is focusing on osteoporosis.








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